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    Submitted by: 3 RCR BG Mortar Platoon Commander

    52 this 51B, Fire Mission Platoon

    Grid 123 456

    Direction 5600

    1 x T72 in a hull down position

    10 Rounds HE


    2 Adjust Fire

    With this fire mission sent, Mortar Platoon from the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group (3 RCR BG) commenced their participation in the Offensive Support Group (OSG) Ex DYNAMIC RESPONSE at Resolute Barbara Range (RBR) in Glamoc, BiH from 6-9 May 01. This was a multi-national exercise that involved the British AS90s (155 mm), the Canadian light guns (105 mm), the British 2nd Battalion, the Royal Green Jackets, Mortar Platoon (81 mm), the Dutch 81 mm Mortar Platoon and the 3 RCR BG Mortar Platoon (81 mm). This overwhelming firepower was brought to bear on a common target all at the same time resulting in the total obliteration of a knoll at the Glamoc Range.

During the exercise, 3 RCR BG Mortar Platoon was able to exchange the number twos on the mortars (the soldiers who actually drop the bombs down the tubes) with the British Mortar Platoon. This proved to be very educational to all involved. The British employ the exact same mortar as the Canadians with the exception of the vehicle they are mounted in and the Blast Attenuation Device that is mounted on the end of the Cdn mortar.

Overall, the exercise was a great success proving the capacity of the different nations to work together to achieve a common aim. Pro Patria.


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