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Welcome to November Company The 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiments unofficial Web Site. Allow us to take you on a visual journey of Bosnia. italyback.jpg (13647 bytes) Pachino Day Soccer Photos

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November Company's 119 soldiers are currently based in three separate locations. Our mission is to maintain a secure environment through a program of deterrent patrolling, and to enforce the military aspects of the Dayton Peace Accord. This is accomplished by the monitoring of the former warring factions and inspection of their weapons storage facilities to ensure the limitation of their war-making capabilities.

4 Platoon, patrols primarily the towns of Kljuc and Bos Petrovac and the surrounding rural regions. Located at the southern end of November Company Area of Responsibility, it was perhaps one of the hardest hit regions during the war.

6 Platoon shares Camp Holopina with November Company Headquarters. In addition to their primary tasks of patrolling the nearby towns of Coralici, Cazin and an extensive rural area of operations, they have the additional burden of camp security. As a result, they have a very full schedule.

5 Platoon is off on their own in the town Bihac. Bihac is the largest municipality in the company AOR and it houses the Cantonal Government for Canton 1. It is also headquarters for the majority of the Bosnian military in the Canadian area and is the As such, it is a hotbed of activity. Bihac is one of the few communities that has declared itself an "open city", welcoming the return of all refugees regardless of ethnicity. As a result, it has received more international aid, and is one of the fastest recovering communities in the region, as well as the most stable and co-operative towards our Canadian troops.

November Company is fortunate enough to be joined by Mortar Platoon, Assault Troop and an Anti- Armour Section for the tour. Each group has it's own areas of responsibility and has been extremely helpful in all our endeavours.

In the coming months, November Company hopes to further build on the foundation for peace started by the previous two Canadian rotations. We not only deter violence by our well-armed deterrence, but we also try to set an example as Canadians of  how acceptance, tollerance, and respect for the democratic process can lead to a safe, prosperous future for their children.


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Camp Coralici

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Bihac Platoon House

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November Company AOR

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