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Mortar Platoon
Submitted by Pte Glen Phillips, 53 Group Mortar Platoon

Mortar Platoon in the first few months of operation has been out and about establishing contacts within the local community of Cazin. We are trying to get the population to trust and co-operate with SFOR. In conjunction with this, Mortar Platoon went to a local school in Budimovici to find that the school is falling apart, and the washrooms are unsanitary. After a few visits it was decided that the school would become Mortar Platoon's project to renovate the washrooms and assist in fixing the roof to ensure the local children can have a proper learning environment. The children liked it when a Mortar Platoon patrol came to visit the school. They all gathered around the carrier (AVGP) while some of the soldiers got their picture taken with the kids. MBdr Burke was swamped by a lot of kids who wanted to pose with him.
Mortar Platoon is doing very well as far as the troops in the platoon are concerned. We are happy to see that we can make a difference.

Cow out for a walk.JPG (780234 bytes)
The Budimovici School. Now the Mortar Platoon (N Coy) CAP project. Not wanting to miss out on a photogenic opportunity, a cow holds up a patrol.
burke2.JPG (410530 bytes) Washroom.JPG (67209 bytes)
MBdr Burke amidst a swamp of kids. The unsanitary washrooms at the Budimovici School.